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How do I sustain the notes?

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    Message from Susannah Rolfes on
    I have 10 second .wav files, yet no matter what I do, the SF2 only generates brief notes. I tried dragging the green line and I lost audio altogether. I tried changing loop settings to both be 0 or to both be the maximum. I would like to just turn 'loop' off altogether and just use the already-recorded sustains. Is this possible? Thanks!
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    Message from bottrop on
    post your soundfont with only one sample and i will have a look at it.
    regards bottrop
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    Message from Susannah Rolfes on
    The sample sustains for about 10 seconds but I can't get it to sustain in the sf2. I think the problem is likely decay or envelope, but I'm a bit over my head.…lutes/541-flute-test
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    Message from bottrop on…5BI/view?usp=sharing 

    open this in Polyphone and look at the Instrument's settings
    i removed the silence from the start of your sample and normalized it.
    i think you should record your flute from some more distance
    regards bottrop
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    Sample's sustain is not 10 seconds. The total sample duration is 10 seconds.
    The sample is unfortunately not stable. It is necessary to keep the level in the same place while blowing.
    It is necessary to create a proper loop point for such samples. Because it may take 10 seconds on the same note you recorded the Sample, but in the next sound it will be 9, 8, 7 seconds for example.

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