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Automatic Samples Vertical disposal

Category: Feature requests
  • VA 5 0
    Message from vasa on
    It would be great if was possible to aumatic disposing samples by vertical order.
    what I mean?

    for example if you have 20 samples ( wav ) as piano sound which different dynamica
    or a long drum sample, usually polyphony can arrange using different notes for each samples.

    Instead putting all sample in a single note bit triggered by different Velocity Values.

    in nev samples technology is used to have guitar-switch samples
    or a better organisations of drum samples.

    Would you think about?
  • 408 0
    Message from Davy on
    This is an interesting subject that is not that easy to solve. Currently you can automatically dispose samples according to their respective pitch in an instrument. This is possible because each sample is tuned and contains the information of the pitch.

    Automating this process for velocities is not possible because the information of velocity is not memorized within a sample. What you can do is creating as many instruments as velocity layers. For example three instruments containing only the samples related to their respective velocities. You can automate the disposition of the samples for each instrument according to their pitch, and for each instrument you specify the velocity range. For example:
    • instrument 1 is for 0 to 80, which is piano

    • instrument 2 is for 81 to 110, which is mezzo-piano

    • instrument 3 is for 111 to 127, which is forte

    Then you create a preset comprising all instruments together. This way you can dispose quite easily all samples and you are able to process each velocity layer independently.
  • DU 1 0
    Message from dup on 1
    That would be awesome feature! It can be easily done using numbers. For example if the name of the sample starts from number, like 01B, 02B, 03B etc, software can auto-map the samples to velocity ranges according to that numbers (01 piano, 02 mezzo-piano, 03 - forte etc)

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