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'Decrescendo' Accordion

A realistic Four Reed Accordion SF2 soundfont. DEMO here

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Shared by Decrescendo
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Sample source


Decrescendo Accordion.sf2 (, 5.4 MB)

Soundfont File

Decrescendo Accordion.png (, 697.31 kB)

Cover image


  • BE
    Comment from ber on
    loop points not found 
  • BE
    Comment from ber on
    not working , complicated. "aria conversion loops  not correct"  
    no instrument 
  • GP
    Thank you! I'm using this to create an accordion cover of the New Line Cinema fanfare!
  • Pa
    Comment from Paweł on
    Thanks a lot. Have to check it out!
  • Le
    Comment from Lesty on
    Thanx a lot
  • BS
    Comment from Brian Slesinsky on
    Comment from the file as converted to sfz by sforzando: "An accordion made from a violin Pitch Pipe. GDAE." There are four samples for G3, D4, A4, and E5 that are combined. The blend does sounds good though only vaguely like an accordion. The mod wheel adds vibrato.

    On a real accordion you use the bellows to do swells and fades by changing the volume. In this soundfont you control volume using key velocity so it's not that authentic. Maybe that could be fixed?

    In the sfz conversion, there is a loop for the A4 sample (the whole thing) and the other three are disabled because the end of the loop is set to one less than the start. I think this means the loop was intentionally disabled and the warning can be ignored? It sounds okay. If you hold a key long enough it does eventually fade to nothing.
  • SK
    Comment from skdmvldskx on
  • SA
    Comment from Shiba Authur on
  • JF
  • JI
    Comment from jinma99 on
    wonderfull.Thank you for sharing.
  • Du
    Comment from Dusan on
    Nice. Thanks!
  • KA
    Comment from kamil85 on
    merci a lot
  • JB
    Comment from Jorge Batoca on
    Great Soundfont, thanks, God bless.
  • FQ
    Comment from Felipe Quintans on
    Muchas gracias!
  • DA
    Comment from david on
    Thanks you!
  • Mc
    Comment from McConnor on
    This rocks! Fantastic... Are you planning on releasing the 1.01 with staccato preset?
    Concerning usage with sforzando player - on import there is message about an invalid region that is then disabled but the soundfont works nontheless - I have not yet found what exactly is disabled....
  • Comment from Decrescendo on
    DecreInterestinInteresting, maybe it is due to the file type being SF2 and not like an SFZ file type? I may try creating a staccato preset, but we'll see!
  • HA
    Comment from halbis2 on
  • R
    Comment from r on
  • AS
    Comment from Almir Santos on
    Amazing Sound!! Congrats
  • VR
    Comment from Val Ramos on
    Very Good, thank you.
  • AM
    Comment from amin on
    merci for all
  • Comment from thierry waleffe on
    très belle réalisation !
  • Comment from Decrescendo on
    Thank you!
  • MV
    Show demais meu patrão!! Esse cabra é show demais
  • EH
    Comment from Ethan Harris on
    Thanks alot!!! I have plans!!!
  • Comment from Decrescendo on
    You're welcome!!
  • E
    Comment from e on
    sounds great by itself, just playing simple chords. Nice sounding harmonies, like in the old days!
  • Comment from Decrescendo on
    Thank you!
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