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Baton Harmonics


I am happy to share my newest instrument called Baton Harmonics. I have sampled harmonics of all 6 strings on the 12th fret of my Baton Rouge acoustic guitar. Samples are 24 bit 44.1 kHz.

The soundfont is available in sf2, sfz and also as a NI Kontakt format - for full retail kontakt version 6.4.2 and above.

Baton Harmonics is free. You can do whatever you want with this instrument as long as You not sell it as it is or in the form of samples, instrument or any library of instruments derived from this instrument.

I am not responsible for damages, traumas, loss of profit or any other possible problems being result of the usage of this instrument library. There is completely no any warranty on antything !

By using this instrument library or samples contained within, You take all the responsibility of the issues that are connected with this usage.

If You like this instrument do not hesitate to visit my YT channels, like and/or subscribe.You can also include in your comments a link to your musical work that you have created with the use of this library. 


Shared by Darro 2017
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Files (, 13.35 MB)

sf2, sfz and nki


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