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Cannot get [Replace by / Bind to] working

  • RV 2 0
    Message from Rob Vousten on
    I'm new and ignorant, so I hope you can help. I want to replace some rarely used sounds (gunshot, telephone, etc.) by drum sounds (kick, snare, etc.) so I can have seperate tracks for those. I managed to replace gunshot with telephone but replacing it with a kick or snare does not work. Only silence... Is it possible or should I give up?
  • ZI 176 0
    Message from ziyametedemircan on 1
    If you set the Root-Key and Key-range properly, it's fine.
    For Key range: 0-127 is suitable.
    The root key may vary, but it is usually set to 60 (middle C) on non pitched percussion instruments.
  • RV 2 0
    Message from Rob Vousten on
    Thanks! Setting key range to [0-127] on all occasions did the trick.

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