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Import opcode loop settings

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    Message from Mao on
    Is there anyway to import an existing SFZ with loop_start and loop_end opcodes but without embedded loop information in the wav file and have those settings show up in the soundfont editor in Polyphone? I know that once you set loop points in Polyphone that the loops are embedded in the wav when exported so I figured the opcode loop settings would import. Thanks.
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    Message from ziyametedemircan on 1
    If the loop information is not embedded in the wav file, it's written in the corresponding field in the instrument section (select the instrument and see the bottom of the page).
    Currently there is no way to automatically pass these parameters to the sample section, but if this feature is deemed useful by developers, it may be added in future releases.
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    Message from Michael on
    If that's possible that will be awesome!

    It frequently happens I have to edit the samples with an external audio-editor. For that I often use Audacity, however it will result in I'll loose the loop points.

    So if Polyphone will be able to use the parameters in the instrument section to create new loop points that will be a great feature
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    Message from Davy on
    This tool will be available at the sample level => "Load a parameter from the instruments"
    It will be possible to load the root key, the tuning (semi-tones), the tuning (cents) and the loop start / end.
    When the parameters are integrated at the sample level, the instruments will be automatically cleaned.

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