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Replace sample WAV file preserving loop

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    Message from batata004 on

    I have a soundfont which has 120 samples but the volume of each file was not great. I know I can use Polyphone to change volume but I decided to do it using Audacity. Now I have 120 samples which all have exacly the same lenght, just the volume was changed. When I import those 120 files to Polyphone it asks me to replace the old 120 files. Great, that's what I want, but after the replaces finishes I have to manually configure the loop (start/end) of each sample individually! Cant I just import the 120 wav files without losing the loop that was already carefully created before I change the volume?
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    Message from csw900 on
    When you edit a sample the optimum loop points will change - so using the old loop points would not be a good idea even if it were possible. Polyphone can loop samples automatically. I suggest you use this feature which I have found makes better loops than I can make by other methods.

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