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Required STK version?

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    Message from mirabilos on
    For backporting within Debian and *buntu, I’m wondering what’s the minimum STK version required?

    Debian buster and stretch have 4.5.2, as does *buntu bionic.

    *buntu xenial has 4.5.0, trusty 4.4.4, precise 4.4.3 (but I really hope nobody runs precise any more, even trusty is unsupported enough to lack the recent sudo fix but I know that a *lot* of multimedia distros are trusty-based.

    These are all libstk0-dev.

    Debian bullseye/sid and *buntu focal have 4.6.1 (libstk-dev), and this is what I primarily package for. Due to its presence, I cannot use the bundled STK as Debian Policy mandates we use the distro-wide versions (mostly so that security fixes etc. are applied centrally and there is no code duplication and embedding).
  • Message from mirabilos on
    It seems to work with buster’s but the application is still very crashy.

    I’m trying to get the fix for  included into buster.
  • Message from mirabilos on
    OK, this works for Debian but not for *buntu — bionic (18.04 LTS) only has qcustomplot 1.3 which is too old.

    Oh well, ze la Vieh, the PPA  has it for focal (20.04 LTS) and Debian backports will do the rest.

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