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Sound only from one channel in Polyphone

  • Si 7 0
    Message from Silvio on
    When I play a key using Polyphone inner virtual keyboard to tyy a preset or instrument or sample I only hear it from one channel (left or right) not in stereo mode.
    I tried to change sound settings but nothing happen.
    Please have a look at the attached file.
  • BO 261 13
    Message from bottrop on
    please attach a sf2 file, with 1 or 2 samples that show the problem.
    (nice picture, but only tells me you are Italian)
    regards bottrop
  • Si 7 0
    Message from Silvio on
    Yes, I'm Italian
    The problem shows with all soundfonts, so I'm attaching just a simple one.
  • BO 261 13
    Message from bottrop on 1
    the problem is your Pan settings
    if you want a sample to sound from the left (apart from the fact that instruments that produce different sounds for the left and the right ear dont exist) set Pan -(minus)50, from the right; +50
  • Si 7 0
    Message from Silvio on
    I had closed and forgotten the panel with pan level and others knobs.
    Thank you!

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