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How to make a soundfont only play the leftmost key

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    Message from batata004 on

    Polyphone is awesome! It makes a lot of things very easy when dealing with soundfonts! But I am facing a problem that I cant find an easy way to solve: I need to configure Polyphone in order to make it only play the leftmost key that I pressed in the piano while holding the sustain pedal; if I release the sustain pedal it should stop the sound (as it usually does), but if I am holding the pedal and I press on the piano (for example) the keys D3, F3 and G7 then I want it to only play the D3 sound... then later if I play C2 (while still holding the sustail pedal) I want the C2 sound to start playing and the D3 sound fades away.

    Is there someway to do this or something close to this? I am layering the PAD sound with a Piano sound, and I want this behaviour to happen only in hte PAD sound while playing both sounds together. Any idea my friends?
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    Message from ziyametedemircan on 1
    What you want is about synthesizer features, not soundfont.
    For example, only one sound can be played when the synthesizer is set to MONO.
    If note Priority can be adjusted in MONO mode, there may also be settings such as Last-pressed, First-pressed, Lower-Key, Higher-Key.
    maybe something similar to what you said can be done if right hand is set to POLY and left hand is MONO in split mode.

    There is also a Sostenuto pedal. It used to be used for a situation similar to what you want. Unlike the sustain pedal, the sostenuto-pedal keeps the notes of the keys already pressed at the time it is pressed, and does not have an effect on the next ones. On older pianos this pedal would only work for the left side of the Keyboard, but on MIDI it would work anywhere. For example, you played a bass note in the left hand and pressed the sostenuto pedal just before releasing the note, this note is held as if the sustain pedal was pressed specifically for that note. This feature is especially convenient for the pianist in Stride-style playing (or in works where the left hand uses jump areas for bass and chords, such as Chopin's works).

    What I have said here may not be of use to you. But it might give you an idea of the options available for a synthesizer (software or hardware that interprets the soundfont). NOTE: Not all synthesizers may include Split and Mono features. Even if it does, not all priority options may exist.
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    Message from batata004 on
    You are awesome! What you said is exactly what I need! Reading your comment, I discovered the "First-pressed" is actually the option I need to use!

    I am using Audio Evolution on my Android phone that allows me to import Soundfont files and play in real time with a MIDI keyboard attached using OTG cable. Do you know any other app (Android) that could allow this feature you said like the "First pressed"? When I go to play in the church I take my midi controller (piano) and my Android phone to play... so to solve my specific problem, I would need an Android app... are you aware of any that allows me to do that?

    Thank you so much!
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    The information I have is MIDI and Music Hardware/Software information from my years working in recording studios (mid 80's to 2000's).
    Unfortunately, I have no information about Android or IOS devices and their software.

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