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Noob Question On Tuning

  • Pf 2 0
    Message from Paul furze on
    Hi All,
    Apologies up front if this has been asked before.

    This is about tuning a sample and an instrument.
    I have a sample that in sample view shows 60C. But the little cents indicator is to the right saying 30.
    Now if i understand correctly that means the sample is 30cents above 60C.

    Knowing this when I create an instrument that uses this sample what values should I put in the tuning (cents) table?
    Is it -30 ?

    Additionally, most of the tutorials on soundfonts dont explain this well, and often dont even put a cents tuning figure in.
    I can only assume that there samples are bang on. Unless I'm not getting something ?

  • BO 261 13
    Message from bottrop on
    follow the indicator, +3=+3, -3=-3.
    you can check by placing the sample twice in your Instrument,
    one with its Root key and +30 cents
    and the other sample with the Root key + 1 semitone minus 70 cents
    tegards bottrop
  • Pf 2 0
    Message from Paul furze on
    Thank you for quick response.

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