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GrandOrgue - Export Issues

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    Message from sound8 on
    When you try to convert GrandOrgue instruments to Soundfonts some issues occur....

    1.) The resulting exported Soundfont ends up with a lower attenuation (volume), quieter than the original GrandOrgue instruments volume. Same thing that occurs with SFZ as mentioned here…in-lower-volume#2364

    2.) Also the notes shift an octave up or down (can't remember which)
    So when you play the GrandOrgue instrument in Polyphone they are set at a specific octave, but the converted Soundfont when you play the same physical keyboard note is off by an octave up or down (again sorry can't remember which)

    3.) Currently cannot use the Command Line Export option in Polyphone to convert GrandOrgue to either SFZ or Soundfont.
    Not sure if it would it would be possible to add the ability to do this?

    Thank You for all your help.
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    Message from csw900 on
    I tried this many months ago and as you suggest it was not all that successful.
    The volume problem is because organ samples are always recorded at a very low volume - much less than is normal for .sf2 sound fonts - thus you must normalise every one before use.
    There are other problems - I seem to remember that polyphone crashes on very large >2GB sound fonts probably due to internal overflows. Even when using a 64 bit version.
    However with care you can use the organ samples to make a useable sound font - it is just not automatic.
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    Message from bottrop on
    why would you want to convert an SFZ if there is a sf2 on the web?

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