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Combining all notes into one sample file

  • AL 18 0
    Message from alawab on
    Hi guys,

    I have record a piano sample, but all 88 notes are in one sample file, is it necessary to divide each note into an independent file?

    Wondering if polyphone allows to use a whole scale sample, and how, if there isn't such a way then I wish this can be an option in the future.

    Thanks a lot!
  • BO 261 13
    Message from bottrop on
    it is possible, just like it is possible to make an Eifel tower from match sticks. my advice is; chop it!
    regards bottrop
  • AL 18 0
    Message from alawab on
    yes sir! I will chop them off!
  • 408 0
    Message from Davy on 1
    The idea of splitting a sample into several samples is a good idea. I'll not provide an automatic tool for this task but I could improve the cut feature at the sample level. After having selected a part of the sample with the alt key pressed, instead of simply removing the selected part the dialog could provide an option to create another sample with it.

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