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Problem with virtual and midi keyboard Version 2.2

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    Message from Tim Wilson on
    I have just attempted to upgrade to Polyphone Sound Font Editor (PSFE) -Win 64 Version - from 2.0.1 to the current version 2.2.0.
    In the new version neither the virtual keyboard in the app or my midi keyboard via a Behringer UMC404HD USB interface work. The settings from both versions appear to be the same. With the UMC404 disconnected, no other software running and after a reboot, clicking on the piano keys of the virtual keyboard with the mouse produces reasonable looking values for Key/Velocity/Aftertouch on the status bar but no sound. With PSFE still running if I click on a midi file that opens the default windows Media Player it plays the midi file as expected so there doesn't appear to be any problem with the midi player on my system.
    There are other applications on my system which also use midi including MuseScore, Band-In-A- Box and Reaper but these were all closed and a reboot performed prior to this test.

    I have reverted back to the previous version of PSFE and it works fine with both the virtual keyboard or the midi keyboard and interface.

    My computer is a Toshiba Satellite L50B laptop with 16Gb Ram and SSD drive running Windows 10 Home operating system Version 21H1
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    Message from Davy on
    If you click on "play" at the sample level, do you hear something?
    Could you please try to change the audio backend?…settings#doc_general
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    Message from Tim Wilson on
    Hi Davy
    I first had to reinstall Version 2.2. The polyphone installer doesn't seem to allow me to install version 2.0.1 and version 2..2 both at the same time.
    With 2.2 reinstalled, clicking on the play symbol with a sample loaded gave me the expected sound.
    After fiddling around with various back end settings from the settings menu I managed to get both the virtual midi keyboard and my USB midi keyboard to work.
    It looks like the problem was incorrect settings
    Thank You for your suggestions
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    Message from Davy on
    Yes I need to fix the installer of version 2.2
    Regarding the sound problem, maybe this is linked:…-no-sound-issue#2018

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