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    Message from bottrop on
    i just tried to install the newest version for windows10 64b, but the operatting system closed the Install warning for a virus.
  • ZI 176 0
    I installed the same version, but it was not a virus warning.

    If this warning is encountered, it is usually a "File from another computer" warning.

    You can skip this warning by clicking "More info ..." and then clicking "Run Anyway".

    Please inform if there is any other warning.

    PS: I have installed 64 bit version and then run 32 bit version to retrieve this message again.
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    Message from Davy on
    This is not a virus.

    From what I know I would need to pay for an authentication. This system is going to kill free software.
  • BO 261 13
    Message from bottrop on
    hi Ziya, it was not the regular Microsoft warning, which gives you the option to install anyway; the install process was terminated with a sign that there was a virus in the app.
    i just tried to install again, now i get another error (see attachment) and i got logged out without touching the log out button.
  • ZI 176 0
    What appears in the picture is a server message, nothing to do with your computer. Try to reload page.

    PS: Ads on the sites can sometimes cause an online virus warning. Because their sources are elsewhere. And sources of these ads aren't under the control of the server nor the website.

    But this doesn't affect the download, installation and use of the software.
  • BO 261 13
    Message from bottrop on
    i tried again, see the result in the attachment. that is what got the first time too.

    i think i stick to v1.9, it is not perfect, but it works...
  • Ju 3 0
    Message from Justin on
    Hey Guys. I researched this because I also had a failed download due to a virus for 2.1 64 bit here is the data. I suggest a virus scan on your end before dismissing the report:

  • ZI 176 0
    This is weird.
    We're downloading the same file from the same website.
    Kaspersky says it's safe.
    The software scans, No virus can be found.

  • Ju 3 0
    Message from Justin on
    That is weird.
    I am running the latest Windows Defender defs here on Win 10 64 bit version 1903.
    What I can say is that an up to date win 10 64 machine won't even let the file on to the machine.
    It will reject the file on download.
    This happens on both my laptop and main system.
  • ZI 176 0

    Windows Defender false positives

    Our company produces software protection solutions. One of our technologies protects *.exe and *.dll files by making the program code encryption (obfuscating). Such solutions are called "packers". The problem is: Windows Defender on Windows 10 (embedded, home etc.) marks the protected software as a virus (Trojan). And of course there are no any maleware inside the application. So how is it possible to avoid false positives. We have already use IEEE software taggant system but, as I see, it does not work with Windows Defender.

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    Last updated September 6, 2019
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    Virus and MalwareWindows Defender / Scanning, Detecting, and Removing Threats / Windows 10
  • Message from ziyametedemircan on 1
    I sent the file to Microsoft.
    And they admitted that the virus detection was wrong.
    You can look online
    ^^^^edit: Link may expired in a few days.

    We have removed the detection. Please follow the steps below to clear cached detection and obtain the latest malware definitions.

    1. Open command prompt as administrator and change directory to c:\Program Files\Windows Defender
    2. Run “MpCmdRun.exe -removedefinitions -dynamicsignatures”
    3. Run "MpCmdRun.exe -SignatureUpdate"

    Alternatively, the latest definition is available for download here: 

    Thank you for contacting Microsoft.

    It's all right, turn off the alarms, get everybody back to work.
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    Message from Brad Stewart on
    Still an issue with Win7 64-bit. Tried to update virus definitions but didn't work.
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    Message from Davy on 1
    Thank you very much for having contacted Microsoft. I didn't know we could do that for false positive.
    I don't know what the could have suspected in the software

    Just in case the link is broken in the future:
  • ZI 176 0
    If a software that is not approved by them uses a packaged/compressed install, the cloud-identifier will label that software directly as malware.

    The problem here is the packaging/compression process of InnoSetup.
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    Message from Davy on 1
    I used the "zip" compression in the new installer. I hope it will fix the problem
  • 6 0
    Message from Brad Stewart on 1
    Seems to have fixed the problem with Windows 7
  • 408 0
    Message from Davy on
    Thank you for the test
  • Ju 3 0
    Message from Justin on 1
    Thank you! Problem solved on this end as well. Windows 10 64bit version 1903

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