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Instrument volume does not work in DAW program.

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    Message from John Smith on

    I am absolutely loving the new Polyphone update. The interface just got an entire rework and It makes the program look very refreshing.

    I have a question and problem I wish to seek. With the sound fonts I have created using Polyphone, I am trying to get the instrument volumes adjusted in my DAW program (FL Studio 20) but the volume doesn't seem to make a difference, even though I changed the volume in Polyphone.

    I know attenuation (dB?) can make the instrument quieter, but this isn't what I'm exactly achieving. Unless there is a useful conversion table that can convert 127 volume values (from max volume) into attenuation then, yes please! However attenuation does
    the opposite as what normal volume can do. Instead what attenuation does is the higher the value, the more quieter the instrument is. But here on polyphone it allows me to adjust actual instrument volume.

    Also I am not willing to adjust the sample volume using an audio program (such as Audacity). These are raw samples and I do not wish to affect their respected quality in any way, or even touch the sample data at all. Besides, It seems to look much easier
    on polyphone anyways!

    Is there a way around this? This will definitely help me out if anybody knows! Cheers.
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    Message from Davy on

    Maybe you can use this setting?…l/settings#doc_sound

    On the right you can increase or decrease the overall volume.

    If you need to set the volume for every instrument, you can only attenuate them.

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