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[2.1 beta] How to cancel defalut modulators?

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    I want to cancel the default effect of a modulator and then put a value for it.
    Example: Prevent the keyboard pedal (CC64) from looping.
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    Some CC's not considered to be part of the SoundFont 2 specification. These MIDI commands may not be used as sources for the Modulator implementation. These are MIDI functions: CC0, CC6, CC32, CC38, CC64, CC66, CC67, CC98, CC99, CC100, CC101, CC120, CC121, CC123

    and sampleMode is a non-real-time parameter and not controlled by any CC.

    But you can control many of them.


    Default modulators are:
    MIDI Note-On Velocity to Initial Attenuation (touch sensvity control)
    MIDI Note-On Velocity to Filter Cutoff (Filter control)
    MIDI Channel Pressure to Vibrato LFO Pitch Depth (Aftertouch Vibrato control)
    MIDI Continuous Controller 1 to Vibrato LFO Pitch Depth (Modulation wheel, vibrato control)
    MIDI Continuous Controller 7 to Initial Attenuation (Channel volume)
    MIDI Continuous Controller 10 to Pan Position (Pan)
    MIDI Continuous Controller 11 to Initial Attenuation (Dynamics volume)
    MIDI Continuous Controller 91 to Reverb Effects Send (Reverb control)
    MIDI Continuous Controller 93 to Chorus Effects Send (Chorus control)
    MIDI Pitch Wheel to Initial Pitch Controlled by MIDI Pitch Wheel Sensitivity (Pitch-bend control)
    You can cancelled and/or override any of them.

    And you're not just limited to the defaults, you can use many other modulators.
    But except those marked as MIDI functions.
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    Message from Davy on
    There is a tool for this:…ools#doc_default_mod

    (documentation is finally done!)
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    >"(documentation is finally done!)"


    Sometimes (maybe most of the time) this is the most boring (but necessary) part of the work.
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    Message from Davy on
    Yes it's a pain! The tutorials and the manual should be OK. If there are mistakes (and for sure there are some - I'm not a native English speaker) feel free to report

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