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Polyphone crashes when file import window is shown

  • Ze 6 0
    Message from Zeale on
    Whenever I try to import anything in Polyphone, the application crashes. The file explorer shows up and then the "Polyphone has stopped working" notification comes up.

    A couple of notes:
    1. The file explorer does not get populated. (Maybe it's crashing while trying to list one of my files?)
    2. I'm on Windows 10, upgraded from 8.1. 64-bit.

    If you need anything else, please leave it in a reply and I'll try to post it ASAP.
  • Message from Zeale on
    Ok... I just opened Polyphone to try and get a screenshot of the error and everything worked... I'll come back here if I see anymore issues or if this problem comes up again.
  • ZI 176 0
    If that happens again, would you:
    1. Open the software
    2. Click on the "New" icon
    3. Give it a name. for example: "1"
    Click: "OK"
    Try to import/open it now.
  • Ze 6 0
    Message from Zeale on
    The problem hasn't recurred yet, but I'm replying to tell you that I had already made a new soundfont and was trying to import samples for it when the problem originally happened. The tree menu does not allow you to right click and import anything, nor do any of the import buttons (besides "open") work until you're editing a soundfont.
  • ZI 176 0
    on File Menu: see "Import Samples" command.

    The imported samples go to the Samples area.

    (Expand samples area) Find newly imported samples and select them (click first one, press shift and click last one)
    Right click on it : And use "Bind to" command. (to Instruments)
  • Ze 6 0
    Message from Zeale on
    Uhh, thanks, but I don't see how that's relevant to the problem. All I see is that you've described some of the steps to reproduce it.

    I feel like I'm missing something. Can you explain, specifically, why you're telling me this?
  • ZI 176 0
    I guess I read it wrong. (or I read very quickly)
    I thought you did not understand how to import samples into it.


    As I said before, would you create an empty soundfont on the top?
    The list will be like this:
    1.sf2 <- (dummy soundfont)

    in a few cases this empty SoundFont trick works, so I suggest it. (1)
    I wonder if it will work for in this situation.

    If it works, this information will help the developer.
    If not, we'll know this trick isn't working in this situation.

    (1) e.g: I can open (and edit) some SoundFonts(sf2) with only this way. (otherwise they will not open and fail)
  • Ze 6 0
    Message from Zeale on
    Ohhhhh. Now I see what you mean. I'll try and do that to see if it fixes the problem next time. Thanks.
  • 408 0
    Message from Davy on
    Hello this sounds like a problem with the "open file" dialog managed by Qt libraries but I cannot reproduce the bug. For now nobody else is complaining about this and I guess I should have had a couple of emails if this problem was serious.

    So if this is not happening again, let's keep it like that. Maybe a part of your system wasn't completely initialized after the upgrade, I don't know.
  • Ze 6 0
    Message from Zeale on
    Yea, a few things went out of whack when I upgraded to Windows 10. Anyways, whenever Polyphone does crash, I can usually reopen the app and everything works fine.

    I'll respond here if I get anything more in depth in the problem, like a stack trace or an exact cause of the issue. Thanks for your help everyone.

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