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DSoundFont Series (Ultimate, Plus, Standard, Lite)

Category: Your creations
  • Sy 70 0
    Message from Sylvia on 1
    I have released a the DSoundFont series on my Google Site.

    Check it out: 

    DSoundFont, Plus and Lite are in the public domain, DSoundFont Ultimate is licensed under the GPL with an exception.
    If it is possible, please comment on my soundfont.

  • 7 1
    Message from t9999clint on 1
    I've been messing around with the DSoundFont Plus font a little bit these last few days. It's got quite a few useful instrument presets in there.
    Overall it sounds a little harsh, it needs some tuning for velocity, reverb and volume levels, but it certainly better than my sound font was in the beginning.

    Do you mind if I use the sound effects samples you've collected in this soundfont with my own project? Credit will be given of course.
    Also if you don't mind, where did you get the samples for those sound effects? I just like to know where the samples come from.
  • Sy 70 0
    Message from Sylvia on
    I just released the DSoundFont Ultimate soundfont. It's GPL licensed and is over 3.8GB in size. You can get expansion packs which increase the size to over 6GB !

    Yes, of course ! The SFX are in public domain! I got them from FreeSound .
  • - 6 0
    Message from - on
    Could you, please reupload your SF2 to google disk or some cloud?
    Speed from musical-artifacts is about 15-30Kb/s it's totally impossible to download it from there.

    Thanx in advice.
  • JE 2 0
    Message from John Eggers on
    This is great man. good luck.

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