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Where can I download a good SOLO male tenor font?

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    Message from Frank Gregorio on
    Hi guys. I am adapting a complex Xmas carol to sheet music, and need two different SOLO male tenor soundfonts, either .sf2, or .sf3, or .sfz. I have searched the net for days trying to find a good one, and have found NO SOLO male voice soundfonts, either bass or tenor. Likewise, I have not located a good solo female alto or soprano voice soundfont either. There are plenty of nice choir fonts, but no solo fonts that I can find.

    Please, can anyone help me? Has anyone ever recorded samples of Andrea Bacelli or Josh Grogan or any tenor like that and created a decent soundfont with it? Preferably, it would be free but I am willing to pay a reasonable fee to buy it. Likewise, where can I download a good female solo soprano font?

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