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Shorter release when note is pressed right after

  • BA 28 0
    Message from batata004 on

    This software is amazing! I've been creating some very interesting instruments using it, however there is one thing I cant find a way to solve: I have an instrument which has a 10 seconds release, so if I press a note it takes about 10 seconds to the sound goes away completely. However I need this release time to be shorter (something like 2 seconds) if another note is pressed right after it so the sounds does not get all messed up.

    Is there a modulator or configuration I can use in order to make release time shorter when another note is pressed after it (it does not need to be the same note it can be any other note)?

    Thank you so much!
  • BO 261 13
    Message from bottrop on 1
    the only solution i can think of is using that Instrument at 10 sec Release for the high Velocity layer and a clone of that Instrument at 2 sec Release for a lower Velocity layer.
    regards bottrop
  • BA 28 0
    Message from batata004 on
    Thank you so much, your solution is the best I could find!

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