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Virtual Keyboard

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    Hello Forum
    I have a question concerning the note names on the Virtual Keyboard.
    When I push the middle C the keyboard says C3. Shouldn't this be C4?
    According to wikipedia the middle C is C4.

    I don't understand this


    Michael Winkelman.
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    Message from Michael on
    It depends per definition, because several definitions are commonly being used. When you go to the settings of Polyphone you can select the definition you prefer the most, including the one which set the middle C as C4.

    Because this can be confusing it can help you to rely on the note numbers from the MIDI definition. The middle C is always number 60. I personally prefer to use this definition; this one can also be selected in the program settings.
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    Hello Michael
    Thanks for your answer and tip
    Michael Winkelman

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