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Polyphone 2.2 won't start on Windows 10 64 Bit Pro

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    Message from McConnor on

    I am new to this software. Thank your for this nice program that seems just the right thing for me to edit a crucial soundfont for me.

    The 64 Bit Version wont start on my System. No error message!

    The 32 Bit Version does start. But after some usage it crashes - I suspect a memory problem as the soundfont is a big Piano.... (8 GB RAM installed)

    How can that be troubleshooted? is there some log capability that could help.

    On a sidenote - to trim the start of a sample - is there a zoom view? couldnt find it - also the remove silence at the beginning in such samples seems to do nothing...

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    Message from redding658 on
    I had the same problem, so I tried Polyphone 2.1 and it worked.

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