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Endless looping locks up Polyphone

  • An 7 0
    Message from Anton on
    Hello. I'm using Polyphone 2.2 for Mac.

    I always have to be careful when I use Polyphone not to lock up the program and have to kill the process and relaunch.

    That's because if I select a Sample and press the play button: (1) by default the ☑️Loop checkbox is checked, and (2) when I play a sample that's set to loop, there does not seem to be any way to stop the playback. It just loops forever, locking up the program.

    It'd be awesome if you could change both (1) and (2)… but changing either one would already be super helpful.

  • JM 1 0

    It's the same for me.
    So I use Polyphone 2.0 that work fine.

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