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Malwarebytes reports trojan in latest Polyphone

  • Malwarebytes is reporting a trojan in the latest Polyphone (downloaded yesterday). I have quarantined the latest version because of this report.

    Any info/update on this is welcome
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    Message from Davy on
    I guess this is because Polyphone is not a known editor for Bill Gates and by default he considers everything is possibly a malware
    You can safely install Polyphone. Click on "more info" and then "run anyway".
  • As much as I would like to believe your assurances, this was a Malwarebytes report and had nothing to do with Microsoft. The proper route is for you to send this to Malwarebytes for analysis and verification.
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    Message from Davy on
    Sorry I have misread your previous post.

    The checksum of the file I uploaded matches the checksum of the file I downloaded from the website so the file is OK. There is no virus in what I provide except if my PC have been hacked but this would be an unlikely scenario.
    I would think of a false detection

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