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issues with modulator pane behavior and size

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    The modulator pane is only large enough to display 2 & 1/2 modulators at a time. To edit the third or later modulator, one must scroll down in the modulator pane to see it. Any edits to a modulator, however, always cause the modulator list to jump back to the top. This means the user must scroll back down between each edit.

    In addition to fixing this behavior, it would also be nice to be able to resize the height of the modulator pane. There are times when I'm just focusing on the modulators, and the view ends up being uncomfortably small.
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    Message from Davy on 1
    The scroll position is now remembered when editing modulators => will be in 2.1.2
    Resizing panes is in the list => for 2.2.0 

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