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Bag parsing error

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    Message from Brad Stewart on
    I really like Polyphone.
    I use it to construct sf2 files which I parse into a more compact format to use with my AeroSynth. (
    But I noticed that it incorrectly reports the number of bags. I have written a parser in C and also one I use in Python ( If I parse a file saved in Vienna, I get the correct number 54. If I parse the same file saved in Polyphone, I get 67 bags which is wrong (I think).
    I've attached the two versions: one saved in Viena and the other in Polyphone (tested both V1.9 and V2.0). I was unable to download V2.1 as it appears to have a "virus".
    Brad Stewart
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    abut virus:
    This is a false positive.
    see there:…0-virus?start=6#1222
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    Message from Davy on
    Dear Brad,

    I don't know exactly where are the numbers 54 or 67 but here are my observations :

    • when I open AeroSynth_viena there are 917 bags (that I call "Parameter")

    • when I open AeroSynth_poly there are 927 bags

    => the difference is that AeroSynth_poly contains several loopCoarseOffset that are 0. They are not displayed since they have no effects, but there are set in the sf2 file.

    When we open both soundfonts with Viena, they have both 917 bags (called "generators") but this is a bug.

    However I fixed something in Polyphone : the sum of all parameters in the instrument or preset summary was not matching the total number of parameters in the section "general". The reason is that I removed one for every instrument or preset because the first bag was not really a parameter: this is the index of the sample or instrument that is linked. Now the sum is matching the total number.
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    Message from Brad Stewart on
    I only care about bags that have the enumerator of 43 (key range).
    Can I download your updated version?
  • Message from Brad Stewart on
    updated V2.1 with new packager downloaded and installed without incident.

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