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Subscription ??

Category: Website
  • JR 3 1
    Message from Jeff Rocchio on
    When I created an account on the site it offered a free account or a "subscription" account. The subscription price was shown as being $10. However, I was unable to tell if the $10 was monthly, yearly, or lifetime. So I created a free account on the assumption I could investigate that later. But now that I have an account I don't see anything about a subscription anywhere. I would like to make a modest donation (being retired it does have to be modest, sadly). But of course if I did that by buying a subscription that enabled some additional benefits that'd be nice.
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    Message from Davy on
    Hello you should still be able to "go premium", the price is one shot for a lifetime account.
    If needed there is also the link "donate" in "more information" in the footer of the website.
    Thank you
  • JR 3 1
    Message from Jeff Rocchio on
    Understood; and now my eyes do see the 'become premium' option in the right-hand nav bar. So, I'll do it! thanks much.
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    Message from Martin2017 on

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