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Download Failed - Network error

Category: Website
  • Nd 1 0
    Message from Nep de Neppert on" />I can't download it. I've tried a VPN and that also doesn't seem to work.
  • MS 6 0
    Message from mscott on
    Same here download failed network error on firefox and opera and vpn on/off
  • Sy 70 0
    Message from Sylvia on 1
    Try restarting your computer. If that didn't work, try rebooting your router. It worked for someone else that had the same issue:

    Person with the same issue as you
  • MS 6 0
    Message from mscott on 1
    Thanks for the tips, neither of those worked. flushing the DNS cache did
  • 408 0
    Message from Davy on
    Thank you for reporting this. I was wandering if this can be due to a CDN that I recently activated? Download links might have been redirected.

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