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SoundFont format V3

Category: Coffee break
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    Message from Roberto Gaetani on
    I received an e-mail regarding the proposal of expanding SoundFont format and create a V3 standard.

    I would like to propose some further improvements to the proposed standard. Where can I input them?
    Please advice.

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    Message from Davy on 1
    Hello it is possible:
    • directly in this thread for example,
    • through the contact form (,
    • on GitHub if you know the system (

    I will then merge your ideas in the document.
  • Pi 2 0
    Message from Picorisu on
    SoundFont format V3 already exists and is called SFZ. Please do not reinvent the wheel and introduce another standard that no one needs!
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    Message from Davy on
    Could you please read this page  and this one  and develop your point of view?
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    Message from Sylvia on
    I have created a draft of the data structure which will be used in the Soundfont Format version 3. Please check it out. It is the latest issue which I have posted on the github page.


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    Message from mirabilos on
    Whatever you do, don’t name it V3 or SF3 because SF3 is already in existence and allows for Ogg containers (currently specified for the Vorbis codec only, but Ogg FLAC would be a possibility) in an otherwise SF2-alike (with minor differences) soundfont.

    SFZ is completely different, too, so it’s not that. It’s a different standard that can coëxist.

    I’m not so sure we need a(nother)/new format, either…

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