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Tool to globally apply automatic root key detectio

Category: Feature requests
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    Message from R. Mattes on
    Hello list,

    I'm currently converting a soundfont where all samples have the wrong/same root key. Before a edit every single
    sample to reset the root key to the auto-detected root key: is there a way to apply the automatic root key finding
    to all (selected) samples?

    Cheers, RalfD
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    Message from Davy on 1

    You can select the samples whose root key and correction will be automatically detected and then you click on the button next to "root key" in the section information (see here). All samples will have their corresponding root keys and corrections.

    Please note that you will have to check all samples, this tool being not perfect (I'm not sure such a perfect tool exists ).

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    Message from R. Mattes on
    Thanks a lot.
    Worked fine - at least for my samples so far the automatic root key finder does work extremely well.

    BTW - It looks like the forum's automatic mail notification does not work ...
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    Message from Davy on
    Good to hear
    Thank you for the notice I'll try to find the bug.


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