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Envelope "help picture"

Category: Feature requests
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    Message from ChokDK on
    EDIT: Sorry, this should have been posted in the "Suggestion" part
    It would be cool if you inserted a picture of (most of the?) envelope editing options at the "blank space" when editing.
    I am not well knowing all the different settings and what they do.
    Maybe something like this?
    Chris Hansen…thesizer-adsr-en.png " />
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    Message from Davy on 1
    Hi Chris,

    This is now in the right section

    The graphical illustration of some parameters is a good suggestion, I put it in the list. Drawing the result in the background of a cell when you edit it could be an idea but I fear it will be too small to understand what it represents. Another idea would be to create a special view like the range editor, or displaying the result in a special box.

    All ideas are good provided the table remains an efficient way to edit (we cannot mix too many graphics in it).


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