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Several Request

Category: Feature requests
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    Message from Memos on
    Hello Davy,
    nice work from you and thank you that you develop this nice tool and share it with us !

    now i was try to work with Polyphone on last time and i see that their is (for me) a bit difrent workflow....
    anyway i was create all the time on hardware synth multisamples and drumkits...

    1. please can you add a funktion on Presets area:
    when we use a Presetfile with much layers / Instruments, that when we pic / mark a Instrument to edit that this is open on Instrument Editor ?
    2. same Request for the Instrument area to edit the Samples on the fly
    3. Request to Edit Samples by selecting via Midi Keyboard or Keyboard
    4. Request on Sample-Editor to show the Stereo Samples as Stereo Sample on the Sample-Editor-Window
    5. Request to add each Samples per drag and drop into the Instrument
    6. on Samples-Editor a way to listen the Equalizer changes on the Sound-Sample on realtime before we push "Apply" and "undo" all
    the time
    6. Request a way to load VST Effekts instand of the original Reverb / Chors processor (if it is Possible)

    Kindly regards Davy and wish u much happines and luck on your work !
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    Message from Davy on
    Thank you for those suggestions.

    1. and 2. The software has not been designed to mix the different layers together and this would be quite a big development. For now, double clicking on a linked sample lead you directly to the sample (same for a linked instrument). To come back on the instrument (or preset), this ticket has been created: 

    3. This feature could be implemented:
    Maintain the "ctrl" key and then the table will move so that the key you are playing is visible 

    4. The problem is that the sf2 format consider a stereo sample as two independent mono samples. There are a lot of cases where both channels have different configurations. For keeping a synchronization between both samples there is the option "Stereo editing: change linked sample":…settings#doc_general

    5. Already done

    6. This ticket has been created: 

    The other 6. I cannot include this in Polyphone since this sounds like a big development to be done. And Polyphone is primarily designed to be an soundfont editor, the created soundfonts being often read in other sound engines more optimized for playing purposes.

    Sorry for my late in this answer

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